ULTRALITE® Nutplate Drill Motor II

  1. Feed Systems: Pneumatic feed with simultaneous clamp-up
  2. Feed Controls: Self-comtained hydraulic control module
  3. Spindle Speeds: 600 and 7000 RPM easily interchangeable
  4. Feed Stroke: 0.500 inches
  5. Feed Rate Range: 0.001 to 0.012 inches per revolution
  6. Air Motor Power: 0.45 h.p.
  7. Air Consumption: 18 CFM at 90 PSI
  8. Colleting Stroke: 0.250 inches
  9. Weight: 4.75 lbs

The Spacematic ULTRALITE® Nutplate Drill Motor II is a pneumatic portable hand held tool that drills and countersinks the two rivet holes which are subsequently used to mount various types of nutplates. The tool is completely automatic in that operation consists of inserting the collet mandrel assembly into the pre-drilled pilot hole and activating the trigger. The collet-mandrel assembly grips the work piece, holding the tool securely while both drill-countersincks are simultaneously rotated and advanced into the work piece under controlled feed conditions. When both drill-countersinks have reached their pre-set depth, releasing the trigger completes the cycle.


All Spacematic Nutplate Drill Motor IIs have the VARIABLE SELECTION feature of completely interchangeable, standard foot assemblies, spacer blocks, collet-mandrels, spindle assemblies, drills and RPM gear changes. These options configure a given tool to have drill-countersink capacity for producing the rivet mounting holes for 234 different types (sizes) of nutplates.

Model number selected off tech sheet attached i.e. DW688-1875-B-H-23-N

M1000II Spacematic Drill

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Consistent clamp force–min to max collet spacing.
  • Choice of template foot, concentric collet, Keller foot or taper lock.